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If you're here from my old site, Jazz Police Procedures, this is pretty much the same. Lots of Sirois links, from Sirois's here and there. I like having a sense of my extended family, no matter how tenuous.
I built this page in 2001, but it doesn't get frequent updates. Of late I have been getting interested in my extended family -- who these Sirois people are, where they come from, etc. One of the nice things about the web is that it has nifty search capabilities. I've been in contact with some other Sirois's, and I thought it might be fun to make a page of Sirois links. I have talked to second cousins, and other distant relatives. This will be a place where others who have the Sirois name can come and perhaps follow a few links to see what other members of the Sirois clan are up to.
Please let me know what you think -- and if you have other links for me, send 'em along. I may add a few pages of my own family history so that other Sirois's can use it to calibrate their own. Perhaps I'll find more long-lost cousins. Perhaps I already have!

Here are a few tidbits of what I know about my family history. I've gleaned this stuff from talking to my aunt, Roseanne Richardson, who lives in Milford, CT. She is one of my father's sisters. She and her sister Yvonne, of Westport, CT, are the only two surviving Sirois of their generation.
I may re-organize this stuff if it doesn't fit well into a list format.

  • My father was Louis Alexander Sirois. He married my mom, Mildred Hoffman, in 1932. My brother, Howard, was born in 1934, and I was born in 1950. Both of my parents are deceased.
  • My father's parents were Fred Sirois, and Roseanne LeBlanc Sirois. Fred was born ca. 1874 in St Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick, Canada, and Roseanne was from Quebec. Neither one spoke English very well. I never knew Fred; he died before I was born (so did my maternal grandfather).
  • Fred's parents were Francois Sirois b: 27 May 1838 in St Basile, Madawaska, N.B., and Philomène Martin.
  • Francois's parents were Jean Baptiste Sirois b: ca.1803 in, QC, and Angèle Paradis b: ca 1808 in, QC.
  • Jean Baptiste's parents: Father: Francois Sirois b: 7 Aug 1776 in Kamouraska, Kamouraska, QC. Mother: Marie Marthe Michaud b: 10 May 1777 in Kamouraska, Kamouraska, QC.
  • Francois's parents: Father: Maurice Zacharie "Narcisse" Sirois dit Duplessis b: 13 Sep 1755 in Kamouraska, Kamouraska, QC. Mother: Marie Anne Landry. Narcisse was christened on 2 Mar 1728 at Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska, QC. He died on 24 Apr 1808 in St André, Kamouraska, QC.
  • Maurice's parents were: Maurice Sirois dit Duplessis and Marie Josèphe Ayotte b: 23 Aug 1728 in Kamouraska, Kamouraska, QC.
  • This Maurice's parents were Francois Sirois dit Duplessis, who was born circa 1680 in St Germain, En Laye de Paris, France. Francois died on November 15, 1737. His mother: Marie Francoise Roy dit Desjardins, was born 29 Sep 1695 in St Pierre, Île d'Orléans, QC.
  • Okay... now, Francois's father was Jean Sirois dit Duplessis, born in St Germain, En Laye de Paris, France. Jean died on or around 28 Nov 1713. He seems to be the one who traveled here from the Old Country, apparently bringing his family with him. Note that his son, Francois, was also born in Paris.

For now, that's as far back as I can go.


Here are some of the other online Sirois's I have found, in no particular order. I have tended to concentrate on the ones who have shown some accomplishments in the arts, because that is my own main interest.

  • Wayne D. Sirois
    Wayne is a graphic artist and a former Marine. He lives in upstate New York. His brother, Phil, is a well-known nature photographer and contemporary of Dian Fossey. Very nice guy, Wayne. He doesn't have his own web site yet, but you can see some of his work here.

  • Justin Sirois
    Justin is a student, but he looks to be headed for a career in graphics or the arts, too. His web site is, as they say, out there. You can see some of his work here, too.

  • Myriam Sirois
    Myriam does voice-overs for animated films. None of these links is her home page; I don't think she has one. They are lists of the films she has done. The last link goes to an interview with her. What a fine-looking Sirois!
    April 2002: Myriam is, or was, appearing on a Babylon 5 spin-off. Those interested can schlep over to The SF Site and do a search on Sirois. You'll get my reviews, and probably links to Myriam.

  • Christopher Sirois
    Christopher Sirois is an up-and-coming baritone with many impressive entries on his musical resume. He lives in New York City. This link is his home page.

  • Michael Sirois
    Michael is also a graphic artist.

  • Joe Sirois

    Joe is the drummer of the Bosstones. This link goes to an interview with him. (I play drums, too, and so does Phil Sirois, Wayne's brother. Interesting.)

  • James Sirois
    Jim was a logger in British Columbia. He wrote a book about his experiences. I
    don't know much about him other than this link to one of his books. The info on the page says: "Jim’s 'logging career' ended when he was working for Gildersleeve Logging in the early fifties. During a miserable, wet afternoon as he shivered and huddled near a stump, Jim decided to move away from the coast and give higher education a shot. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in industrial design and worked in product design for years, including developing aerospace hardware for use by the early Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts. In 1990, Jim returned to his property at Kimsquit on the Dean River Delta where he lives in a cedar log cabin."
    April 2002: I have corresponded with Jim's sister, Chere L. Sirois Bauer, who says: "Your greatgrandfather and mine were brothers... their father was Jean Baptiste Sirois... he had six sons and two daughters.... my greatgrandfather was also Jean Baptiste born Sept. 1855... I have your greatgrandfather Francois born Dec.1858.... at any rate it was fun to see I have many other Sirois relations out and about.... on your Sirois page you have listed a James Sirois.... he is my brother... we grew up in B.C. Canada in a logging camp owned by our grandfather (mothers side)... from your small history I see I was born the year your mother and father married, so that makes me 70 this year.... my grandfather was also called Baptiste. He married Helene Violette and soon had a son who was my father, named Antoine Walter Sirois...our father was a noteable wrestler back around 1936 and a few years after..."

  • John Sirois
    John is the guy who is really responsible for this page, because he got me thinking about the family after sending me an email early in April of this year (2001). Among other things, he said:
    "I became interested in pursuing info re other Sirois when I spent '86-'88 in Weymouth, MA, baby-sitting my father during his final illness. He had looked back as far as his grandfather, Jean-Baptiste Sirois, of Trois Pistoles, PQ. He (J-B) was the one to leave Canada sometime before 1890 when my grandfather, Jean Ludger Sirois (Sr) was born in Nashua, NH.
    "The one and only Sirois to travel from France to "New France" was Jean Francois Sirois-Duplessis, in approximately 1690-1700. We all descend from him.
    "If you want to follow up, I recommend the American-Canadian Genealogical Society in Manchester, NH They are THE authority, especially if you don't speak French, like me. Also, go to That is a site run by Marc Duplisea, also a direct decendent. At some point, some took Duplissis or Duplisea or some other spelling. It is a very extensive site with over 9000 names! That should keep you busy for a while."

  • Peter and Hannah Sirois
    Peter and Hannah have it tough -- they sell real estate in Hawaii.

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